Mission Statement


The Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies is a university academic organization (formerly The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies established in 2004), providing a unique environment in which to undertake interdisciplinary, collaborative, cross-cultural research. ICCS brings together over 20 research staff, and some 20 PhD and MA students... READ MORE


The seminar explores how aesthetics (especially the bodily life that Levinas terms phenomenologically “sensibility” which is prior to... ... READ MORE
跨文化与区域研究所于4月17日在紫金港校区东五207室举办了本年度研究生论坛暨学位论文开题报告答辩会。参加论文开题报告的学生分别是 ... READ MORE


Heritage& Memory

The Research Cluster for Intangible Heritage in the Cross-Cultural perspective aims to bring together researchers at Zhejiang University who are working in areas broadly related to the study of culture and cultural activity. ... READ MORE

2018 ACHS Conference

On December 4 2014, the Second Association of Critical Heritage Studies Conference in Canberra voted to select Zhejiang University to host the fourth Critical Heritage Studies Conference in 2018. According to the ACHS charters, decisions as to the hosting of conferences will be taken at the annual general meeting normally 4 years before the proposed conference.READ MORE

TCM Culture

China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative launched by the Chinese president Xi Jinping in September 2013 will provide new opportunities for medical cooperation along the new Silk Road. The promotion of Traditional Chinese medicine will certainly be part of China’s strategy to strengthen its cultural influence in these regions.READ MORE