Mission Statement

The Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies is a university academic organization (formerly The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies established in 2004), providing a unique environment in which to undertake interdisciplinary, collaborative, cross-cultural research. ICCS brings together over 20 research staff, and some 20 PhD and MA students organized in four research clusters, namely, 1) Intercultural Communication and Business Culture; 2) Heritage and Cultural Memory; 3) Globalisation, Migration and Diaspora Culture; 4) Intercultural Education. The Institute organize ongoing programmes of research seminars, workshop, symposia and conferences, and invite scholars from home and abroad. We have interdisciplinary collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Discourse Studies; International Centre for East-West Culture and Management; and Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies, all located in Zhejiang University. We have also established close ties with universities around the world, and clients in business, commerce and government.

Our mission is to facilitate cross-cultural understanding between China and the world, and to promote cultural diversity in all spheres of social life within and across nations. The Institute aims to develop innovative modes of research to provide insights into the different ways that cross-cultural relations and histories are constructed and represented.

We are dedicated to working from the bottom up, building on our own vision and achievements, and looking for ways to strengthen our research performance as well as our teaching quality. We now offer postgraduates and undergraduates a few dozen courses, including Intercultural Communication, Cultural Studies, International Business Communication, Critical Discourse Analysis, and Cultural Dialogue across Civilizations, Culture & Communication in English, Linguistics, Stylistics, and many others. We also offer special trainings of various levels and consultative services to organizations and individuals.

We welcome applications for our PhD./ MA programmes or visiting studies from anyone interested in these or different, connected areas.